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Brooke Marks Brooke Marks Homepage
Brooke Marks
Brooke "Marks" the spot in a fun filled amateur babe site that showcases this babe's unique personality and youthful tenacity to entertain.
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Monthly Price : $24.99
Site Features : Weekly Updates, Candid Photo Sets, Scheduled Live Webcam Shows, Private Chat Forum, Personal Video Blog, Girlfriend Galleries, Customized Fansigns.

When you get past the cheesey motto (Brooke Marks the Spot) and the fact she may have the skinniest designed site on the web, Brooke Marks is an awfully cute chick that throws aside glamour for the girl next door look. She is quirky and quick on her feet. One of those unique personalities that not only makes her sexy, but also gives off the impression that she wouldn't mind sitting around playing poker and downing a few beers. Plain and simple, the girl looks like a ton of fun.

The 21-year old Florida college student is a native of Zimbabwe, a possible first for a solo girl. Looks wise, she's as cute as it gets. Some sexy tan lines that show she isn't some fake plastic bimbo (although we aren't opposed to some topless sunbathing pics). Brooke is constantly smiling and always seems to be prancing around half naked in a bikini. Her smoking hot body will leave your jaw firmly planted on the floor. Her motor never seems to stop as she

Most impressively about Brooke Marks is her embracing of everythign web 2.0. She's popular on video sites like Youtube, College Humor and (including this video of her tanning nude). Her videos are entertaining and she's one of the few solo girls who not only sells her site with her vivacious body, but her engaging personality. Brooke is incredibly active on her site and communicates with her members extremely well. From a private forum where she puts together customized fan signs to any of the many social networking sites she participates on, this smoking hot web babe is the complete web 2.0 package.

Brooke Marks on Myspace, YouTube, Break, and CollegeHumor.

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