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Blueyed Cass
This sexy web amateur is no newbie to the solo girl genre. In her newest site, this former princess sheds her youthful caution and bares more for her loyal fans.
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Site Features : Weekly New Photo Sets, Exclusive Video added every Week, Two Live Cams Shows a Week, Personal Journal, Candid Photos, Girlfriend Section, Active Forum.

If the face looks familiar, it's because it most likely is. Blue Eyed Cass is none other than Princess Blueyez, one of the most well known and popular solo girls in the world. In 2007, Phil-Flash ended his relationship with the young web starlet, leaving her a free agent of sorts in the solo girl industry. She quickly launched her newest site ( that aims to continue the long tradition of sexy non-nude content she has been known to produce.

While her website touts the phrase "Not a Princess Anymore!", BlueyedCass still sticks to a non-nude format that denies us the God given joy of seeing her completely naked. But we still see a lot more on this website than the previous installment. She is frequently topless or nude with only a well positioned hand or prop. Her outfits are dramatically skimpier with thongs that need a microscope to spot and half worn tops that cover only her nipples. I feel like I've become personal friends with her naughty tramp stamp tattoo. There comes a point when you wonder why she even bothers to hide under the veil of non-nude when you practically see every inch of her radiant tan body throughout her galleries.

For big fans of Cass, the decision on which site to join may be a tough one. Princess Blueyez provides you with a look at a younger Cass that focuses on sexy outfits that clearly appeal to non-nude fans. Blueyed Cass however is a more adult version, with more bare body shots and of course less clothing. This is also the only site that she actively participates on with blog entries, weekly web shows, and frequent picture updates. Her apparent ownership in the site opens the door for communication with members on her highly active forum (her girlfriends also chat it up with members). While the sequel to a popular solo girl site can lead to disaster, this rebirth turns the Princess into a Queen.

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