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Abigail 18
Abigail is fresh out of high school and fully nude in a fast paced site that packs a black haired babe with a bunch of smoking hot girlfriends.
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Fully Nude
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Small Tits
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Monthly Price : $24.95
Site Features : HD Full Screen Movies, Two Weekly Updates, Personal Diary, Girl On Girl Action, High Quality Pictures (1500x1000).

It's not hard to tell that Abigail is fresh out of high school and embarking on something completely new. She looks innocent as she lets out some nervous laughter during one of her early shoots trying to overcome her natural shyness. She eventually does and gives you the uncensored look behind the scenes of one of the few dark haired amateur babes that loves pussy more than I do. While maybe not a babe who has gotten popular on the solo girl forums, she's a sleeper pick of sorts for avid perverts looking for some hidden gems.

Abigail has a unique look that is certain to entice anyone with a hunkering for a young skinny model. The black haired web vixen barely cracks 100 pounds on the scale and loves showing off her skinny body in short skirts and sexy underwear. Thankfully, Abigail 18 loves to get nude too and shows off that cute body in all it's glory. Her small tits are just enough for a handful and have large nipples to tantilize the big nip fans out there. Fully shaved, this cutie gives you unlimited access to her tight pink pussy. Best of all, she loves sharing that nude body and wet pussy with her girlfriends, especially a skinny blonde who goes by the name Hendy (who is basically a blonde version of Abigail). What else could you ask for? She's cute, she's naked, and she's got a little lesbian in her. Time to pick up a password for Abigail18 today.

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